“Less overwhelm, more productive..."

“I met Dave Austin in November 2013 at a mastermind event in San Diego. At the time, I was fairly panicked about the direction my small business was headed. Many of the attendees of the event provided a variety of plans and solutions to solve the logistical problems I was having. However, it wasn't until Dave Austin looked me in the eye, pointed directly at me with his huge football ring, and said, ‘Hey Mari…These folks can offer you all the solutions in the world, but until you're ready to change the way you think about the life and business you want…Take it from me…Nothing will change.’"
“He then offered me several techniques that only took minutes a day to employ. Dave's words were so simple, and his visualization techniques were so easy, that my thinking changed immediately. When I returned home, I started letting go of the things, tasks, AND people, in my life that didn't support my business' vision. Two weeks later, I landed the largest deal in my company's history, and was able to easily have those hard conversations with the folks who were holding me back.”
“Within a month, I was less overwhelmed, more productive, and felt as though I had been given more time in my week to focus on building my business and spending more time with my friends and family. Even if you're not a huge sports fan (like me!), Dave Austin has the natural ability to help others clear their mental hurdles and make anyone a "Super Bowl" Champ in their own lives!”
     - Mari C., Online Marketing Business Owner, Phoenix, AZ

“Forward thinking"

“Tony is one of the most forward thinking people I have ever met. His ideas and philosophies on business and strategy are profound and extremely thought provoking. I can say without a doubt that Tony's successes are directly related to not only his way of approaching an issue or problem, but his drive and determination to find a solution.“

     - Chris Spintxyk -  VP IT Staffing Operations at Synergy Systems, LLC


"The information Dave shares is powerful, to the point, and exactly what my players needed to assist them in obtaining their goals"
     - Page Odle, Director of Baseball for National Sports Management

“Master at breaking down complex situations"

“Tony is a master at taking complex situations and breaking them down into manageable components that can easily be made actionable and shared. His communication skills at all levels of the organization are effective and impactful. I wish I had a dozen Tony’s on my team!”

     - Arthur Keith - Former General Manager at Gaylord Opryland Hotel