What we do

We help leaders and the organizations they work for achieve and sustain peak performance so they can improve their outcomes, reduce risks and lower costs.



Why this matters now
  • The shifting dynamics of leading an integrated workforce that combines a highly-experienced generation with a well-educated, young generation of employees challenges the status quo in leadership practices.
  • Investing in premier training now will prepare your organization for the inevitable challenges around the corner and will help you improve productivity and profitability while the markets are stable. 
  • Our mindset training has helped clients improve sales by up to 400% and provided the catalyst for collaboration that enabled the successful delivery the biggest projects in their company’s history.

I’ve spent a lifetime pursuing excellence in both my personal and professional life and BE A BEAST is the tool that I use myself and would recommend to anyone seeking to improve their performance in every aspect of their life.”

— COL Michail S. Huerter, US Army Ranger Garrison Commander

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Why most performance improvement programs fail

Most performance improvement programs:
  • Are not created for high-pressure situations so performance declines exactly when it is most needed
  • Do not sufficiently leverage the brain’s natural subconscious trigger processes so the tools are quickly forgotten
  • Are not tested in real-life scenarios and honed over decades of application by top performers





What makes Beast Mode Live different

BEAST MODE LIVE is the blend of specialized and scientifically-proven mindset principles combined with more than 40 years of mindset and emotional resilience training in professional sports and in corporate environments.

The system integrates a unique “memory recall system” that boasts an amazing 92% retention rate and applies to every area in one’s life and in his or her professional pursuits.

In law enforcement it is crucial to stay alert and focused, while maintaining complete control in pressure situations. As with all first responders, we are tasked with making split second decisions that could mean the difference between life and death. BEAST MODE LIVE is a great resource that provides important mental tools for our trade.”

— James Slayter, law enforcement professional, Honolulu, Hawaii


How we do it

The program combines a 12-step process for peak performance—each step anchored with an animal appropriately named for easy recall—thus, triggering an emotional reset exactly when it is needed.

The program has been tested and proven to work by Army Rangers, Navy SEALS, corporate executives and major league athletes. It has also been used by employees working for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 150 in dozens of industries.






We can help you

BEAST MODE LIVE will increase the mental focus of your leaders and their teams so that they can more effectively achieve their goals, reduce the risk of loss or mistakes in day-to-day operations while improving their emotional resilience in the face of high-stress situations so they act intentionally rather than reacting habitually.

The Program


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We’ve brought together the best of the best:

  • Extreme Focus’s world-renowned mental performance and emotional resilience mastery techniques through the “Be a Beast” program. 
  • Tony Bodoh International’s human experience expertise that the best brands in the world use to create award-winning customer service and sales programs

To create Advanced Learning Technology for Leadership
As an organization that keeps the military community and our mission first by living our core values, it is often difficult to find a training that can take an already high performing group to the next level…but that is what we have found with BEAST MODE LIVE.”

— Director of Market Research for Fortune 500 Financial Services Company


Your team will learn:
  • How to use 12 proven steps to find the fire within to be an elite performer
  • Mental triggers that top professional and Olympic athletes use to overcome their toughest mental blocks
  • How to connect with your customers building a relationship that creates loyalty
  • The biggest myths that drive low performance in every business
  • How to create the conditions they want rather than just enduring whatever conditions they find themselves in



This is NOT your average sales or customer service training.  

It incorporates methods that are proven to drive real results that you will see at your top and bottom line.  

We use a combination of live workshops, recorded video and audio content online, live coaching or training calls and more.

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