We were surrounded.  Dave and I looked at each other, wondering how many more “Beasts” would show up.  In the end, I think I counted twelve.

These were no ordinary Beasts.

They were not high paid athletes, although they have the physical endurance and will to achieve every mission they are given.

They were not powerful executives, although they know how to make and live from committed decisions—even life and death decisions.

They were not were not influential sales people wearing suits and ties, although we could tell from their demeanor and their uniforms that they believed in the service the provide—protecting our freedom.

Dave and I sat there appreciating the Beasts who surrounded us.  They were leaders of the Army’s Soldiers For Life team.  And, we were there to ask how we could use Beast Mode Live to give back to those who have given so much both while they are in the Service and after they transition back into civilian life.

Everyone at the table agreed, the soldiers don’t just need education, a job, a home and a community when they leave the Service, they need the “mindset of a beast.”  That is the mindset of extreme mental focus backed by an indefatigable emotional resilience.

We are now working diligently to bring Dave’s new book, “Be A Beast,” the accompanying Be A Beast videos and Beast Mode Live events to the military and their families—and at no cost to them.

Our vision includes seeing every man and woman in uniform with a copy of the book, access to the videos, and the ability to attend one of our Beast Mode Live  events at zoos around the country—where they can meet the beasts in person.

This is too large for us to do it alone.

This is too important to leave up to the politicians for funding.

Our service men and women have sacrificed too much to wait any longer.

You can help us bring Beast Mode LIVE to our military.
We are actively working with executives of companies who value the military and are interested in sponsoring this program.  Of course, we would love to have more sponsors involved.  The more support we have, the more service members we can provide these programs for—and the more Beast Mode Live events we can host.

Who do you know who would love to support something like this?

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