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We have 168 hours to play with every single week.

Now admittedly every good girl should be sleeping for at least 42 of these hours – but what about the rest of them?
Like a lot of people I often feel I don’t have enough hours in the day.  But after talking about releasing space and time this year in my post last week, I thought I’d monitor where all these hours go.
Here’s a brief summary:
– Sunday to Thursday (my working week)
6. 30am – cup of hot lemon water in bed 7am-9am – shower, dress, primp + preen, breakfast, check Twitter/emails, listen to last night’s episode of The Archers 9am-10am – yoga practice 10am-11. 30/12pm – writing, speaking to or emailing clients, general business admin, lesson planning 12pm-7pm – seeing clients at the clinic, teaching yoga, working in kids’ after school clubs depending which day it is (with an hour for lunch of course). 7pm-8pm – packing up the clinic, coming home, checking Twitter/emails, catching up with Himself, eating 8pm-10pm – reading, chatting, watching TV, doing endless laundry (the curse of the massage therapist!) 10pm-10. 30pm – journalling, reading in bed, lights out!
Friday + Saturday (my «weekend»)
8am-10am – shower, dress, primp + preen, leisurely breakfast 10am-11am – yoga practice 11am-1pm – check Twitter/emails, send out client reminders for the week, work on projects, walk or bike ride 1pm-2pm – lunch 2pm-6pm – spend time with friends and family, eat cake, hang out with Himself, read, write, indulge in stuff that makes my heart sing and try not to think about work. 6pm-11pm – eat delicious food either in or out, watch films, play games, hang out with friends and family, maybe a snifter of wine…. 11pm – reading and lights out.
Now if I’m really honest I probably waste a lot more time on Twitter than I’m letting on. I probably check my emails more often too. It’s also really hard not to think about work 24/7 when you own your own business. So my «weekends», such as they are, aren’t like my weekends when I worked in that cushy office job!
But I’m still procrastinating a little too much. There’s nothing wrong with sitting around daydreaming. In fact a good bit of daydreaming is good for the soul. But don’t let it get in the way of the things you want to do.
Truth is I really want to write a book.
I’ve had the outline sitting on my laptop for two years. But there always seems to be something else to do. Clients to see, blog posts to write, articles that need a deadline, classes to teach, a house to clean, meals to cook, sleep to be had (I love sleep, it’s my favourite thing).
But if I really want to do this I have to carve out the time and, as my dear friend Corrina says in her recent blog post, «make it my number 1 priority».
So it’s time to look at my 168 hours again and cut out a little bit of that daydreaming and messing about on Twitter, to accept that I don’t have to answer every email within an hour and to do something just for me.
What would you like to be doing with your 168 hours?
If you’d like more information on the 168 hours project take a look at Laura Vanderkam’s book.

Rancho Santa Fe author to speak at Power of Collaboration Global Summit

“We need to see and understand that together we are better,” said Dave Austin, a locally-based mental performance coach whose new book, “Be A Beast,” has already hit number one in 22 categories in the United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany and the U.K. The Rancho Santa Fe resident will be bringing his empowering message to the third annual Power of Collaboration Global Summit at the United Nations where he has been invited to speak on Feb. 29.

“At the U.N., I will be talking about how to bring more collaboration so everyone wins at a higher level,” he explained. “Even though we have differences and different needs, each individual can have an impact to create the change we seek. I have been asked to speak on how the change comes from within and how we get our minds to work for us rather than against us.”

That’s something with which Austin has had a great deal of experience. His company, Extreme Focus, has achieved remarkable results bringing out top performances in professional and Olympic athletes, business leaders and members of the military using a unique program it calls Beast Training.

That title is not just metaphor. Animals figure prominently in Austin’s training, and the subtitle of his book is “Unleash Your Animal Instincts for Performance Driven Results.”

“We use animals as triggers to instantly put you into the correct action,” he said. “Each animal has a special gift we can learn from, and when you understand how to use these in your own life, it becomes second nature. So when pressure hits, the image of the animals helps you stay present and alert so you don’t just go back into a habitual reaction.”

In fact, although the average retention rate after a person has attended a workshop is about 13 percent, Austin found that using the animal anchors resulted in a 92 percent retention rate. “The animal imagery makes the lessons memorable, which makes them very practical,” he said.

The results speak for themselves. In his more than 20 years of coaching, Austin has helped four Major League baseball players become MVPs for their teams and worked with tennis player Vince Spadia to help him rise from number 350 in the world rankings into the top 50 in six months, earning the record for biggest advance in one year of any player in the history of the ATP Tour. He also accompanied the U.S. Olympic Team to the World Cup in Scotland, where they had their best results ever.

“Players come to me because they feel like they’re not playing at their full potential,” said Austin. “Learning how to use nerves as a powerful weapon rather than the great distractor is another reason.”

Once people started to see Austin’s accomplishments, they began asking him to speak at business conventions and work as a private coach to executives. Because his program translates easily from the sports field, it has enabled him to help clients in every aspect of their lives.

“Playing a sport is a high pressure situation with a scoreboard, and you have to be extremely focused to perform well,” said Austin. “In life, we may not have a scoreboard or have millions watching, but if we use the same mental discipline, we can each be a superstar in life.”

Austin uses a five-step process to stop the chatter in a person’s mind and tap into their inner strength. He’s also developed a “game ready” technique that has become his signature and which puts his clients in the greatest position mentally to win. He does a “game ready” with athletes before starting a game, recording artists before entering the studio and business clients before important meetings.

Because most people will not have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Austin, he wrote “Be A Beast” to share his formula for success with anyone who wants to perform at a higher level and enjoy life more in the process. It’s the first of what will ultimately be a series of four books.

“I don’t think the general public understands the importance of having a coach — someone who can lead you through the landmines of life,” he said. “If I was going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, I would hire a guide who has been to the top, and follow his footsteps. Life is no different and this book can guide you through all situations.”

Austin admits that he sometimes has to coach himself. “I’m human and I have challenges like anyone else,” he laughed. “But the principles work and I have to use them, not just teach them.”

If there’s any doubt they work, just look at how they’ve helped Austin in his own life.

“A friend had spoken at the United Nations and when I heard about her experience, I set an intention to be invited to speak there because it’s a real honor to be invited and have the opportunity to make a difference,” he said. “I set intentions last year to speak at Harvard, the Pentagon and the United Nations. Now I will have done all three.”

“Be A Beast” was co-written by Roger Anthony and Cathy Lynn. For more information about “Be A Beast,” visit


We were surrounded.  Dave and I looked at each other, wondering how many more “Beasts” would show up.  In the end, I think I counted twelve.

These were no ordinary Beasts.

They were not high paid athletes, although they have the physical endurance and will to achieve every mission they are given.

They were not powerful executives, although they know how to make and live from committed decisions—even life and death decisions.

They were not were not influential sales people wearing suits and ties, although we could tell from their demeanor and their uniforms that they believed in the service the provide—protecting our freedom.

Dave and I sat there appreciating the Beasts who surrounded us.  They were leaders of the Army’s Soldiers For Life team.  And, we were there to ask how we could use Beast Mode Live to give back to those who have given so much both while they are in the Service and after they transition back into civilian life.

Everyone at the table agreed, the soldiers don’t just need education, a job, a home and a community when they leave the Service, they need the “mindset of a beast.”  That is the mindset of extreme mental focus backed by an indefatigable emotional resilience.

We are now working diligently to bring Dave’s new book, “Be A Beast,” the accompanying Be A Beast videos and Beast Mode Live events to the military and their families—and at no cost to them.

Our vision includes seeing every man and woman in uniform with a copy of the book, access to the videos, and the ability to attend one of our Beast Mode Live  events at zoos around the country—where they can meet the beasts in person.

This is too large for us to do it alone.

This is too important to leave up to the politicians for funding.

Our service men and women have sacrificed too much to wait any longer.

You can help us bring Beast Mode LIVE to our military.
We are actively working with executives of companies who value the military and are interested in sponsoring this program.  Of course, we would love to have more sponsors involved.  The more support we have, the more service members we can provide these programs for—and the more Beast Mode Live events we can host.

Who do you know who would love to support something like this?

© 2015 Tony Bodoh International, LLC

Maximize Your Sales

Would you love to improve your sales today?

Dave and Tony recorded this 33 minute session for sales professionals and for those who are in the service industry but find themselves needing to improve their sales:

  • How anyone can learn to sell an experience authentically in 5 minutes
  • How to create an anchor to get into the energy and emotion of your “Best Sales Day Ever”
  • Learn the power of visualization for sales professionals
  • Be introduced to Beast Mode Live’s trigger for successful visualization
  • Experience a sales “Game Ready” visualization by the master mental performance coach, Dave Austin

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A Secret of Great Customer Experience

How do some companies excel at customer service while their competitors cannot come close?

Dave Austin and Tony Bodoh share one of the keys that is proven to distinguish the great companies from the mediocre.  In this 29 minute podcast you will learn the power of a principle that has saved many companies.  You will learn:

1. The power of one simple principle in establishing a superior customer experience
2. The trigger you can use to access your power and change your state  in an instant
3. A daily practice that will improve your performance, health and  well-being

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