About Beast Mode Live!

Beast Mode Live! represents a strategic alliance between Extreme Focus, LLC and Tony Bodoh International, LLC and VenuPlan, Inc. 
Extreme Focus (XF) brings the mental focus training that is used by MVP professional and Olympic athletes, as well as top business executives and government leaders to achieve peak performance.  XF coaches work with clients around the world teaching them a specific process that they can use to gain control over their emotions and to intensify their focus on what is most important in the moment related to achieving their ultimate goals.  As a result of this training, organizations become more efficient, effective and profitable.

Tony Bodoh International (TBI) provides the customer experience training that is used by Fortune 1000 companies. This training helps participants improve processes, enhance communication through marketing or customer service, increase sales and innovate new products and services for target customers.  TBI’s clients include prestigious award-winning customer experience giants like USAA.  We have also worked with many start-ups and fast growing mid-sized companies in industries as diverse as technology, personal development, entertainment, telecom, and well-being.  At the core, each of our clients wants to evoke customer experiences that improve their customers’ lives, set their organization apart in their industry, and drive real financial improvement.

VenuPlan injects the guest and meeting planner experience and operational excellence analysis and training that has been used by some of the world’s most renowned hotels. Participants learn how to improve processes, enhance communication through marketing and guest services, increase sales and innovate new services for target guests.  VP’s clients include the prestigious The Venetian and The Palazzo in Las Vegas.  VP’s leaders have trained for Gaylord Hotels, Ritz-Carlton and a variety of other hotels.  At the core, each of our clients are focused on evoking guest or meeting planner experiences that: transform the individual; distinguishes the hotel in their market; and, drive positive financial impact for the company.


Dave Austin, CEO - Extreme Focus

Dave Austin is not only an international best-selling author and speaker; he is also the founder of Extreme Focus and has created “The Process” – a unique method that helps his athletes and business clients to be “in the zone” and to stay there longer.
His signature “game ready” visualizations have helped many elite NFL, MLB, Olympic, collegiate, high school athletes and teams, but have also shown business executives, entrepreneurs and sales teams how to up-level their own performance into BEAST MODE and higher productivity and greatness.
Dave is the co-host of the popular “Be A Beast” AM radio show (broadcast from MLB’s Angels Stadium) and is a former world-ranked professional tennis player.
Sharing a love for both sports and music, one of his favorite accomplishments is being the recipient of the prestigious Presidential Merit Award from N.A.R.A.S, otherwise known as the Grammy Award’s, for his contribution to raise awareness and charitable funds through music.
Dave believes we all have a “creative genius” within us, and is a master at bringing that genius out in everyone. Currently living in Southern California, he and his wife, Cathy, have thoroughly enjoyed raising four dynamic and active boys.

Tony Bodoh, CEO - Tony Bodoh International, LLC

Tony Bodoh empowers executives and entrepreneurs worldwide to think from a solution-mindset rather than from a problem-mindset.  
He is the founder and CEO of Tony Bodoh International (TBI). TBI provides strategic customer experience guidance and analytical support to companies that lead their industry in customer satisfaction and loyalty. His work in the customer experience sector has been profiled in a variety of publications including CIO magazine and dozens of hospitality, marketing and customer experience articles.  His work was also cited in the 2012 book, “Precision Marketing: Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance,” by Sandra Zoratti and Lee Gallagher.
Tony is also the founder of VenuPlan. Leveraging Tony’s hospitality industry experience, VenuPlan helps meeting planners and hoteliers serve attendees better.  Through improved hotel designs, operational excellence and targeted group sales, hotels can achieve higher levels of meeting planner and guest satisfaction as well as increased profitability.  VenuPlan’s client list includes some of the largest hotels in the world.
Tony served as an adjunct instructor in the business department of Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee for seven years.  While he loved teaching, he found that speaking from the stage gave him a reach the classroom never could.  He now trains entrepreneurs and executives in conferences ranging from advanced analytics, to software user groups to personal development. 
In his efforts to continually expand his understanding of the human experience and how to master life, Tony became a certified coach. He recently received the Excellence in Coaching Award from the Life Mastery Institute. 
Tony lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Julie, who is a renowned executive chef.  They enjoy raising their two daughters who have used Tony’s “every day” coaching to become top competitive Irish Step Dancers and earn Guinness Book World Records in multiple categories.